Responding to change

Portrait of the author, Kavita Balendra
Lachlan Menzies, the DIY-er

The DIY-er

Lachlan Menzies
Level 8 Wentworth Chambers

Lachlan prioritised the quality of sound and visuals. He budgeted for the best quality microphone and camera that he could get, and ensured that he had two screens, with the camera mounted on the more distant one to allow him to focus on his audience effectively.

  • Microphone: Blue Yeti 3 Capsule USB Microphone on Gravity Gooseneck microphone
  • Clamp: G Clamp from Repco
  • Camera: Logitech Brio 4K Ultra HD Webcam
  • Stand: 60L stackable bin from Kmart (upside down)
David Baran, the Tech


David Baran
Jack Shand Chambers

For David, running hearings and cross examining while sitting down felt unnatural. He therefore simulated a courtroom experience by using a sit-stand desk. For appearances in tribunals like the Personal Injury Commission he sits at his desk and uses all three screens which he finds invaluable for quickly accessing documents.

  • Sit/Stand desk: Ergoport Ergotron Workfit Sit-Stand Workstation
  • Camera: Apple Mac built in camera; Logitech HD WebCam

The Immersive Experience

Dominc Villa SC, the immersive experience
Dominc Villa SC
New Chambers

Dominic created a truly immersive courtroom experience. During AVL hearings he was concerned with how he appeared to his audience. He was particularly concerned that he was not focussing on the camera directly but rather on his screen. His solution was to mount a photo of a Supreme Court Judge (with apologies to Whealy J) to remind him to maintain his focus on the camera.

  • Camera: Logitech Meetup mounted on a screen which is itself mounted on an articulate monitor arm
  • Lectern: repurposed shelf, handmade using dressed pine from Bunnings