Winter 2021

Winter 2021 Issue of BarNews

Welcome Special Wellbeing edition of Bar News!

Learn which Court of Appeal Judge likes rock climbing. Find your sit bones. Meet Andreas Heger, author, painter and Executive Director of the NSW Bar Association. Read the Real Senior Counsel Selection Criteria.

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Autumn 2021

Autumn 2021 Issue of BarNews

The Autumn 2021 edition is a special edition focussing on criminal law and inquests.

It contains a variety of articles, including appearing in coronial inquests, the prosecutor’s duty of disclosure, assessing credibility and the high risk offender legislation. There are fascinating historical pieces and a number of great interviews including with the departing DPPs Lloyd Babb SC and Sarah McNaughton SC, and with Justice Beech-Jones discussing the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Following a series of recent events and decisions, this edition also contains a number of articles on sexual harassment in legal workplaces.

And of course there is a coverage of noteworthy events, including the swearing in of Justice Gleeson as a Judge of the High Court of Australia and the official opening of the Personal Injury Commission.

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Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Issue of BarNews

Welcome to the Summer Edition of Bar News!

It contains lots of interesting, thought provoking and amusing summer reading. There are entertaining interviews with Michael Sexton SC and Richard Beazley SC. There is Professor Anne Twomey’s wonderful recent lecture on Legal Advice in the Whitlam Era. There are reflections on the lives of Justice Jane Matthews and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and obituaries to the Hon David Levine AO RFD QC and the Hon David Ipp AO QC. It examines the state of the Bar and examines the need for change. It has reviews, anecdotes and much more. Enjoy!

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Winter 2020

Winter 2020 Issue of BarNews

Welcome to the inaugural digital edition of Bar News! It is a special edition, focussing on COVID-19 and its effect on practice at the bar in NSW.

Being thrust into the world of remote working has changed the way we interact in so many different ways. The Bar News Committee determined this was the time to expedite the launch of the Bar News website and produce a completely online edition.

The best way to read the magazine is as a Flip Book, turning the pages like a hardcopy. Alternatively you can read individual pieces as webpages.

We welcome your feedback or a contribution for our next edition via the Contribute button.

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Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020 Issue of BarNews

This edition is a ‘special edition’ prepared together with the Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. While ADR and the Bar have often had a troubled relationship, this edition will highlight the Bar and ADR are now intrinsically intertwined.

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