Australian Bar Association High Court Silk Bows – 3 Feb 2020

New South Wales 2019 Senior Counsel
Shane Drumgold SC
Shane Drumgold SC

N ew Silks from around the country descended on Canberra for their High Court Bows at the beginning of the 2020 Law Term. The sense of occasion was palpable and all were, no doubt, enjoying the indulgence of an appearance in the High Court without any prospect of having to answer difficult questions.

The traditional dinner in the Great Hall of the High Court that evening lived up comfortably to its reputation as an event that should not to be missed.

Shane Drumgold SC, of the ACT Bar, had the daunting task of speaking on behalf of the new Silks, not assisted, I expect, by having to follow the entertaining speech of Justice Bell. In the great traditions of the Bar though, he delivered a speech so inspiring and eloquent, that it drew a standing ovation. Among other things, Shane spoke of our responsibilities as role models and our obligation to build a profession that not only embraces but celebrates diversity in all of its forms. His words are worth repeating:

“A profession defined by its leaders' ability to dismantle social barriers, to draw people with a rich and diverse range of histories and experiences, such that the make-up of the very profession itself is commensurate with those most impacted by its functions.”

Certainly, for all involved, an occasion to remember.

Matt Howard SC

David Chin SC and Rachael Chin

Fitzsimmons SC and
Sue Fitzsimmons



John Catsanos SC and Ruby Catsanos

Matthew Howard SC, The Hon Justice Virginia Bell AC and Shane Drumgold SC

Chris Moraitis PSM and
The Hon Chief Justice Will Alstergren

The Hon Justice Virginia Bell AC