Anecdote Covid cat days: Robbie's First Court Appearance

Vice President Hatcher cat


Kimber, Jennifer v Sapphire Coast Community Aged Care Ltd t/a Sapphire Coast Community Aged Care Ltd. Hearing before FWC Full Bench by way of video-link through Microsoft Teams Tuesday, 29 June 2021

PN 178 Vice President Hatcher: You have a very nice cat.

PN 179 Mr Pearce: Sorry, do you want me to – yes. He's a southpaw, your Honour, so he's – I've got some deterrent if he comes too near (showing water spray bottle). He's a southpaw, your Honour, so he was called Robbie Farah. Yes, sorry, your Honour. I hadn't realised. If I shut the door he'll whinge and whine ...

60 seconds later Robbie jumps on the desk and walks in front of the computer screen before being removed.

PN 181 Mr Pearce: Sorry, your Honour. Sorry, I apologise for that.

PN 182 Vice President Hatcher: That's a ragdoll, isn't it?

PN 183 Mr Pearce: Yes, yes. A bit like a dog really. Sorry. Maybe I should tender him, he might be the best part of my case...

Mr Pearce cat