Re: Bar News fakenews

The Hon. John P. Bryson Q.C.


The Journal of the NSW Bar Association

8 August 2020

Ingmar Taylor Esq SC

Greenway Chambers

L10 99 Elizabeth Street

Sydney 2000

Dear Taylor,

Re: Bar News fakenews

Splendid it would be to become a legend in my own (not unquestioned) lifetime, but I emerge from retired quietude to expose Bullfry as a publisher of Fake News! (Bar News Autumn 2020 page 105 column 1.)

Never, not ever have I worn a Homburg hat, let alone affected such a hat!

My recollection extends to a sparse few Homburgs in the Fifties, notably but not exclusively Richardson J, thereafter to wearers in declining numbers, notably Kerr CJ thence after an interval to Hunt J’s outward lofty formality, not entirely representing the man himself: the last Homburged Sydney judge within my recollection.

Certainly not myself! My extensive search for a silver-grey Homburg was not successful, and my hats have been notable only for being so ordinary.

To live my remaining lifetime in false fame would not be endurable. Please distribute this correction with the zeal with which Bullfry distributed the calumny.

Yours sincerely,

John P Bryson