Crown Prosecutor

Q. Ma'am can you hear me?

A. Yeah I can.

Q. Can you see me as well?

A. Yes I can.

Q. If you can just remain there, we will bring the jury back in and then we'll get on with your evidence?

A. All right.

Crown Prosecutor: Thank you. Are we able to just mute the witness your Honour while that happens or would you prefer the whole link to be cut?

His Honour: No, we can leave the link on. Yes I think there's a new expression, FODO, it's a fear of dropping out.

Crown Prosecutor: It's a new one for me.

His Honour: It's a syndrome that judges have since COVID. Yes, if we can have the jury.

Crown Prosecutor: So there's FODO and FOMO.

His Honour: Yes but I think there's a whole series. Actually I just coined that now but other judges have described similar symptoms.

- His Honour Judge Peter Zahra SC, District Court of New South Wales

Conducting a View

Scotting DCJ in the Grawin Opal Fields near Lightning Ridge for the purpose of a view.


The following transcript is taken from proceedings before a Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW on 7 October 2020, headed by Chief Commissioner Constant. Part way through an expert witness conclave as to economic matters involving 5 experts, including Mr San Midha of NSW Treasury and Dr Richard Denniss, Chief Economist at the Australia Institute, an unexpected person joined the AVL hearing.

Witness Midha: So Mr Walters has covered, broadly speaking, most of the questions. As he said, I'll pick up …--

Constant CC: I'm sorry, Mr Midha.

Taylor: Just give us a minute, Mr Midha. We're just dealing with some--

Constant CC: It's Ms Janet Denniss.

Dr Denniss: It's my mum. Apologies if I wasn't supposed to forward the link.

Constant CC: It's an open Court. She's entitled--

Mrs Denniss: I'll close it.

Constant CC: No, Mrs Denniss. You're entitled to watch this. We'd just prefer if you'd put the video on mute. There's a little icon that you can click so we can't see you but you can see us.

Mrs Denniss: I'll just get out. I'm not good at this. Goodbye.

Constant CC: Mrs Denniss … [Mrs Denniss leaves AVL hearing]. At the lunch break, Dr Denniss, you can call her and tell her when she goes into the system, she can click on the cross.

Dr Denniss: Yep. She'll be right.

Speaker: I wish my mum wanted to watch what I did at work.

Dr Denniss: I can lend you mine.

Constant CC: I just don't give my mum the link. I'm sorry, Mr Midha, please--

Witness Midha: That's all right.

Constant CC: Have you lost your train of thought.

Witness Midha: A little bit but it's okay. I think I pretty much can't top that. So I'm just going to the - ….