Summer 2020

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Welcome Michael McHugh SC, and thank you Tim Game SC

President's Column

The law, like the traveller, must be ready for the morrow


The Winds of Change?
The problem with fact finding
Minimising reputational damage arising from ICAC investigations
Women in Law – are our fears a barrier to our advancement?

Recent Developments

Like sands through the hourglass… in Mondelez Australia Pty Ltd v The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (2020) 381 ALR 601; [2020] HCA 29
Amendments to damages provisions under the Defamation Act 2005 (NSW)
The role of the Family Court in the treatment of gender dysphoric adolescents
What it takes to be a member of ISIS
The defence power, Ch III and service tribunals
Prosecutorial obligations to adduce evidence of a defendant's police interview
Royal correspondence comprises Commonwealth records in Hocking v Director-General of the National Archives of Australia [2020] HCA 19
Determination of damages for a deliberate contravention of s 52 of the TPA in Berry v CCL Secure Pty Limited [2020] HCA 27


Sir Maurice Byers Lecture 2020: Legal Advice in the Constitutional Maelstrom of the Whitlam Era’
Bar Creatives – Knitting with Michelle Painter SC
Justice Jane Mathews’ contribution to the Law and Jurisprudence - Sybil Morrison Lecture: 18 August 2020
A Strong Woman: Justice Jane Mathews’ Contribution to the Legal Profession - Sybil Morrison Lecture: 18 August 2020
A case by any other name
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: the Vägmärken (waypaver)


Interview with Michael Sexton SC - The Solicitor-General’s Path and The Capacity for Dissenting Opinions
Interview with Richard Beasley


Goldoni at the Venetian Bar
The man who stayed on: a brief life of Justice William Broome
Russell Le Gay Brereton (Dooley) and the War Crimes Trials in Labuan in 1945
So, you think you know about Roe v Wade


2020 Senior Counsel
50 Years at the NSW Bar – Mr Peter Hennessy SC
How COVID-19 changed the Bar Practice Course forever
The COVID-Cohort: Reflections from Readers
Bar FC 2020
Unveiling of the Kirby portrait

Travel - Advertorial

Discover Australia


Professor Michael Furmston (1933-2020)
The Hon. Trevor Rees Morling QC
The Honourable David Levine AO RFD QC
The Hon David Andrew Ipp AO QC (1938 – 2020)



D.E.S. (Nathan Li) and My Criminal Record (Barry Collier)


Bullfry goes pro bono


Diary of a Reader: The Bar Practice Course, COVID-edition

The Furies

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