Bar FC 2020

The Bar Football Club currently consists of 80 barristers, clerks and Bar Association employees. Each year Bar FC compete in the Domain Soccer League, a lunchtime football competition held between April and September.

2020 as we all know, was a year unlike any other. As a result, the DSL season was shortened with games commencing in June. Further, by reason of a number of teams being unavailable to play, the three divisions of the competition were amalgamated into Division 1.

The consequence of these changes was that Bar FC, formerly a competitor in Division 3, now found itself competing week in and week out with Division 1 teams. Notwithstanding the difference in quality, Bar FC displayed tenacity in the face of regular defeats during the season. Nevertheless, through continued application to the task at hand, Bar FC managed to make its way into the final series and proceeded to win the games that mattered. The season culminated in an appearance in the Grand Final with Bar FC narrowly defeated and receiving the silver medal.

A number of new members of the squad became regular participants in the DSL. In 2020 Simon Grey, Sam Hallahan, Andrew Wilson, Daniel Woods, Oscar Clark and Thomas Butterin injected new blood into the team.

Regrettably 2020, “the year of no fun”, saw the Tri State Competition adjourned until 2021. With the Victorian Bar unable to leave its State and Queensland not welcoming others into theirs, the annual competition between the NSW, Victorian and Queensland Bar was adjourned. The silverware will remain in this State for another twelve months and it is hoped that in 2021 the Tri State Competition will take place in Sydney.

Bar FC provides affirmation of the collegiate nature of the Bar. It caters for players of all level of ability and provides an opportunity to assist in the wellbeing of its members. As Sir Alex has been heard to say many times, “It’s the best form of zen I know”.

For those interested in joining the team in 2021, please send an email seeking further information to David Stanton at