Winter 2021

Editor's Note

The Wellbeing Special Edition

President's Column

A Timely Health and Wellbeing Focus


Social contracts for the bar?
Review of Sexual Harassment in the Victorian Courts and VCAT
Review of Harassment in the South Australian Legal Profession: A Summary
Black Letter Law


Written Advocacy

Recent Developments

Abuse of process in bringing proceedings for the benefit of another - Victoria International Container Terminal Limited v Lunt [2021] HCA 11
Errors of interpretation and the Immigration Assessment Authority - DVO16 v MIBP [2021] HCA 12
Foreign transparency scheme consistent with implied freedom - LibertyWorks Inc v Commonwealth of Australia [2021] HCA 18
Practicing in NSW without a NSW practising certificate - Council of New South Wales Bar Association v Siggins [2021] NSWCA 40
Applications to stay competing class actions - Wigmans v AMP Ltd & Ors [2021] HCA 7
Detaining and not removing 'unlawful non-citizens' - Commonwealth of Australia v AJL20 [2021] HCA 21
Conspiracy between spouses - Namoa v The Queen [2021] HCA 13
Raising Consumer Confidence in Residential Apartment Buildings in New South Wales – Will the Pillar 1 Reforms fix what is broke?


Addressing The Issues
Lifestyle choices for better health
Inappropriate Courtroom Conduct
Mental Health is Everybody’s Business
Sit on your sit bones
Movement and Wellbeing
Vicarious Trauma
The Significance of Sleep
Practical ideas for reducing financial stress
Safe Place
We are getting fatter and sicker. What are we going to do about it?
Eat Sleep Move
Dog Day Out
Q&A with Jolie Brooks
Experienced Barristers Program
Wellbeing in Chambers
The Barristers Benevolent Fund: Choosing to Persevere
The 2021 Lady Bradman Cup
Triathlon and the Bar
Justice hanging by a (strong) thread


Andreas Heger
Judge Gordon Lerve
Interviewing the interviewer: Stephen Lawrence of The Wigs
Country Life, City Practice: An interview with Dennis Stewart


Celebrating the Centenary of Ada Emily Evans
Celebrating 100 Years of Women at The New South Wales Bar
Celebrating the Appointment of Women Senior Counsel to the NSW Bar

Legal History

Doc Evatt and Chester v Waverley Corporation
Dr Eduard Korten: A Staunch Émigré Advocate against Nazi Crimes and Legal Injustices


Pop Up Art School Exhibition


Chester Alexander Porter QC
Priscilla Flemming QC
Phillipa Gormly



Bullfry in a 'clean, well-lighted place'


The Real Senior Counsel Selection Criteria

The Furies

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