Autumn 2021

Editor's Note

Criminal Law and Inquests Special Edition

President's Column

Choosing to Challenge


The Trauma of Being a Witness
In Search of the Crazy Rich Asians: Multiculturalism in Australia Post COVID-19
Enough of the 'horseplay'
A Tsunami of Complaints
Law and justice under a Biden administration

Recent Developments

Adverse comment on accused’s failure to give evidence - GBF v The Queen [2020] HCA 40
Forensic Provisions Act amendments
Anshun estoppel and res judicata in respect of a foreign family law judgment: Clayton v Bant [2020] HCA 44
Guess Who’s Back: The Reform of the Statutory Defence of Contextual Truth
Majority of High Court upholds constitutionality of terrorist detention - Minister for Home Affairs v Benbrika [2021] HCA 4
Constitutional Algebra - Palmer v Western Australia [2021] HCA 5
‘Inherited’ apprehended bias - a minefield for jurisdictional error


Advocacy in coronial inquests: a seminar
Changing the landscape: inquest into the disappearance of Ben Dominick
Assessing credibility in the virtual court room
Burigon and His Son
Machina Sapiens Criminalis: Can AI entities be held criminally responsible?
The Justice Reform Initiative
A Short History of Criminal Law - Francis Forbes Society Australian Legal History Tutorials
Departing Directors
The prosecutor’s duty of disclosure
High Risk Offender Legislation
Meet the Duty Barristers
On the road with Michael King, Deputy Senior Public Defender
The Court of Criminal Appeal interview with Justice Beech-Jones


Advocate For Change: Interview with Dr Ben Gauntlett, Disability Discrimination Commissioner


Trust In The Judiciary - 2021 Opening of Law Term Address


You’re almost 20, Corporations Act


A Brief Snapshot of the Personal Injury Commission of New South Wales
The Opening of the Personal Injury Commission
David Heilpern AM - On His Retirement


Habitat for Humanity - interview with Justice Lucy McCallum


Apps for Barristers - Liquid Text and Reincubate Camo


Swearing in of Jacqueline Sarah Gleeson as a Judge of the High Court of Australia


The Honourable Anthony Frederick (Tony) Garling (1941-2021)
The Honourable Robert Shallcross Hulme QC (1941-2020)
Susanne (Sue) Elizabeth Schreiner (1939 - 2020)
The Honourable William (Henric) Nicholas QC (1942-2021)


Australian Consumer Law - The Comprehensive Guide
Dead in the Water
The Law of Bankruptcy Notices and Creditors' Petitions
Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies by the Secret Barrister
The Truffle Hunters


Rethinking busyness


Bullfry cleans up his act

The Furies

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